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A31679 R-930AK/AW/CS O/M
If the food that you wish to defrost is not listed on the
COMPU DEFROST CHART or is above or below the
limits in the Amount column on the COMPU DEFROST
CHART, you need to defrost manually.
You can defrost any frozen food, either raw or previously
cooked, by using Power Level 3. Follow the exact 3-
step procedure found under Time Cooking on page 11.
Estimate defrosting time and press 3 for 30% when you
select the power level.
For either raw or previously cooked frozen food the rule
of thumb is approximately 5 minutes per pound. For
example, defrost 5 minutes for 1 pound of frozen
spaghetti sauce.
Always stop the oven periodically to remove or separate
the portions that are defrosted. If food is not defrosted
at the end of the estimated defrosting time, program the
oven in 1 minute increments on Power Level 3 until
totally defrosted.
When using plastic containers from the freezer, defrost
only long enough to remove from the plastic in order to
place in a microwave-safe dish.
5. Check food for temperature after cooking. If
additional time is needed, continue to cook with
variable power and time.
6. If the sensor does not detect vapor properly when
popping popcorn, the oven will turn off, and the
correct time of day will be displayed. If the sensor
does not detect vapor properly when using sensor
reheat,ERROR will be displayed, and the oven
will turn off.
7. Any Sensor Cooking mode can be programmed
with More or Less Time Adjustment. See page 24.
8. Each food has a cooking hint. Touch CUSTOM
HELP when the HELP indicator is lighted in the
Selecting Foods:
1. The sensor works with foods at normal storage
temperature. For example, food for dinner plate
reheat would be at refrigerator temperature and
popcorn at room temperature.
2. Foods weighing less than 3 ounces should be
reheated by time and variable power.
Covering Foods:
Some foods work best when covered. Use the cover
recommended in the chart for these foods.
1. Casserole lid
2. Plastic wrap: Use plastic wrap recommended for
microwave cooking. Cover dish loosely; allow
approximately 1/2 inch to remain uncovered to
allow steam to escape. Plastic wrap should not
touch food.
3. Wax paper: Cover dish completely; fold excess
wrap under dish to secure. If dish is wider than
paper, overlap two pieces at least one inch to
Be careful when removing any covering to allow
steam to escape away from you.
Sharp's Sensor is a semi-conductor device that
detects the vapor (moisture and humidity) emitted
from food as it heats. The sensor adjusts the cooking
times and power level for various foods and quantities.
Using Sensor Settings:
1. After oven is plugged in, wait 2 minutes before
using sensor settings.
2. Be sure the exterior of the cooking container and
the interior of the oven are dry. Wipe off any
moisture with a dry cloth or paper towel.
3. Sensor Reheat and Popcorn can only be entered
within 1 minute after cooking, opening and closing
the door or touching the STOP/CLEAR pad.
4. During the first part of sensor cooking, the food
name will appear on the display. Do not open the
oven door or touch STOP/CLEAR during this part
of the cooking cycle. The measurement of vapor
will be interrupted. If this occurs, an error message
will appear. To continue cooking, touch the
STOP/CLEAR pad and select cooking time and
variable power.
When the sensor detects the vapor emitted from
the food, remainder of cooking time will appear.
Door may be opened when remaining cooking
time appears on the display. At this time, you may
stir or season food, as desired.
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