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Owner's of the Electrolux Cooktop E30IC75FSS gave it a score of 2.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    2.0 out of 5
  • Durability

    2.0 out of 5
  • Maintenance

    2.0 out of 5
  • Performance

    2.0 out of 5
  • Ease of Use

    2.0 out of 5
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Setting Surface Controls
The electronic processes involved with Induction Cooking create some unusual background
noises. These noises are normal and part of the Induction Cooking process.
Please note that these noises are more noticeable while cooking at the Power BOOST
level. Very loud noises are not part of normal Induction Cooking.
Your cooktop is equipped with four induction
elements within two heating sections. The
right-hand and left-hand Cooking Zones are
powered by two independent induction
inverters - one inverter for each of the two
heating sections. Two Cooking Zones in a
heating section share the power of one
inverter. This is called Power Sharing.
For example, if pans are cooking food items
on both right-hand Cooking Zones, the last
Power Level set will be maintained, while the
first pan may experience a slight reduction in
the power level setting.
Fig. 23
Cooking Zones section
Cooking Zones section
POWER SHARING TIPS: Remember to set the power level for the food item you wish to
maintain last. Or, you may choose to maintain a constant power level for 2 food items by
placing the pans on one of the Cooking Zones of the left-hand heating section and the other
pan on one of the Cooking Zones of the right-hand heating section (See Fig. 23).