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Congratulations on your purchase. We trust that you will enjoy the value and quality of your AudioSource LS 525 or 545
Indoor/Outdoor Compact Loudspeakers. Please take a few moments to read this manual before you get started. Also, be sure to retain this
document should you need to refer to it in the future.
The LS 525’s and LS 545’s are designed to accurately reproduce high fidelity music in a variety of applications, including home theater.
Not only are these loudspeakers weather resistant for outdoor use, they also include color matched brackets for mounting in most any
The LS 525 and LS 545 speakers are manufactured to resist a variety of weather conditions. However, they are not waterproof, so if
you decide to place your speakers outdoors, position them so they are not exposed to the elements. The undersides of most eaves and
overhangs provide the best protection for indoor/outdoor loudspeakers.
Like all speakers, the LS 525’s and LS 545’s sound best when placed no more than seven feet apart, ear level to the listener. If the
speakers are closer than that, toe them in toward the center of the room. Do not place them within two feet of a television or computer
screen, as these speakers are not video shielded.
Owner’s Manual
LS 525/545
2-Way Compact Speakers
Indoor/Outdoor Surround Sound
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