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Owner's of the Sub-Zero Refrigerator 700BR gave it a score of 5.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Planning Information
Integrated Model 700BR
Dimensions in parentheses are in
millimeters unless otherwise specified.
efer to the illustrations and specifications
for overall dimensions, finished rough opening
dimensions and installation specifics.
MPORTANT NOTE: The depth of Model 700BR
is 24" (610) from the front of the unit to its
back. Your design may necessitate moving the
unit back, or cabinets forward to achieve a
flush fit. This will require a minimum rough
opening depth of 25" (635). Refer to the instal-
lation illustration on page 4.
The anti-tip bracket must be installed to
prevent the unit from tipping forward.
Integrated units are compatible with virtually
any style of cabinetry. They can be used with
framed as well as frameless cabinets.
The weight of each drawer panel cannot
exceed 12 lbs (5 kg). Drawer panels must be a
minimum of
/8" (16) thick.
For the bottom drawer, the maximum panel
height is 16
" (424). You must keep a
minimum space of 4" (102) clear below the
bottom edge of the lower drawer panel, so the
unit can be properly vented. In addition, any
decorative base molding must be removable for
possible servicing and cleaning of the
We recommend using D-style handles, which
should be located on the top, center area of the
drawer panel.
wo Integrated units may be installed next to
one another. Refer to page 10 for additional
115 volt, 6OHz, 15 amp circuit breaker and
electrical supply are required. A separate circuit,
servicing only this appliance is necessary.
All Integrated models are equipped with a
power supply cord with a 3-prong grounding
plug, which must be plugged into a mating
3-prong grounding type wall receptacle. The
electrical outlet must be placed so the ground-
ing prong is to the right of the thinner blades.
The outlet must be flush with the back wall.
Locate electrical within the shaded area shown
in the installation illustration on page 4.
Do not use an extension cord or two prong
adapter. Electrical ground is required on this
appliance. Do not under any circumstances
remove the power supply cord ground prong.
You must follow all National Electrical Code
regulations. In addition, be aware of local codes
and ordinances when installing your service.
The Integrated Refrigeration Installation
Instructions packed with the appliance will give
you step-by-step procedures for making sure
the unit is installed properly.