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The Grill 2 Convection Microwave oven is the ultimate cooking team. This state-of-the-art system brings together
the best of all worlds. Enjoy the browning and crisping capabilities of convection plus the speed of microwave
cooking. Microwaving brings out the natural flavor of foods and keeps them moist and juicy. Convection and grill
cooking add the advantage of browning and crisping food beautifully. Roast is a combination setting which uses
convection heat to seal and brown the outside while using microwave energy to make sure the interior is cooked.
What is CONVECTION Cooking?
With convection cooking, a high speed fan circulates air past the heat source and around the food. The superheated
air browns and crisps the food beautifully. See page 34 for Convection Baking Chart.
* Use the CONVEC settings for baking most items. Note that there are 3 special settings for baking cakes,
angel food cake and yeast breads. These settings are specially designed to provide
optimum baking of these foods.
* The Interactive Display provides specific directions for using all of the settings.
What is GRILL Cooking?
When using GRILL, most food is elevated on the rack, allowing cooking to occur on all sides simultaneously. It is usually
not necessary to turn foods over during grilling, Fats drip away from the food, providing for great flavor without all the
fat. See page 31 for Grilling Chart.
Use the GRILL setting for everything youd broil in a conventional ovensteaks, chops, burgers, chicken and fish.
* Place rack on the turntable to allow juices to drain away from food.
* Use the GRILL top only setting to brown and crisp just the tops of such foods as casseroles.
What is ROAST?
ROAST combines convection heat with microwave power to provide crisp brown exteriors and superior juiciness for
meats and poultry. ROAST is preprogrammed to provide 30 percent microwave energy and 325°F. The temperature
can be changed by simply selecting another after touching ROAST twice when programming. See page 12.
* Use ROAST for meats, poultry and casseroles. See page 28 for times.
* Place foods on the rack so that the air passes all around the food sealing in the juices.
* Place a shallow oven-glass dish or disposable pizza pan below the rack to catch juices if gravy is desired.
Also helps speed cleaning.
Convection Microwave Utensils
A wide variety of utensils may be used in convection and roast cooking. Remember that there is heat when cooking
with convection, grill or roast; therefore utensils must be able to withstand the cooking temperature you are using.
You may use:
* the Carousel turntable as a baking sheet for cookies
* the rack for either convection or roast cooking
* traditional metal bakeware
* round pizza pans. Choose those that do not have extended handles.
* oven-glass baking dishes
* plastics if indicated for use with heat; usually states temperature limit on the bottom. CHECK.
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