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28_ Operating
Push the appropriate ice type button to select what you want dispensed.
Push the Ice lever dispenser ( 1 ) gently with your glass. Ice will be released from the
You can choose the type of ice by pushing the cubed or crushed button first.
Push the Water lever dispenser ( 2 ) gently with your glass. Water will be released from
the dispenser.
Even if you push the water and Ice lever simultaneously, the dispenser operates only the option you
selected or pushed first.
To get Ice and water, push the Ice lever ( 1 ) first for ice, then
move your glass glass down and press the water dispenser
lever ( 2 ) for water.
Do not pull the lever out. You could damage or break the
lever's spring.
 To clean the ice bin/bucket, wash with a mild detergent,
rinse well, and dry thoroughly it. Do not use harsh or
abrasive cleaners or solvents.
 When you select Cubed Ice after using the Crushed Ice
mode, a small amount of residual crushed ice might be
 In case ice doesn’t come out, pull out the ice bucket and press the test button located on the right
side of ice maker.
 Do not press the test button continuously when the tray is filled with ice or water. Water may overflow
or ice may jam the bucket.
 Normal Use
To fill the ice bucket to maximum capacity after installation, follow these steps:
1. Allow your refrigerator to operate and cool down for 24 hours (or 1 full day).
- Waiting 24 hours will allow your ice maker to cool properly.
2. Dispense 4 to 6 ice cubes into the glass.
3. After 8, and then 16 hours, dispense a full glass of ice.
 When you press the Test button, you will hear the refrigerator chime (ding-dong). When the chime
sounds, release the Test button.
 The chime sounds automatically again to let you know the ice maker is working well.
check the
water level
Test button
Select this if you want to
turn ice maker off
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