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Set-Up & First Brew
You cannot use your Keurig
Brewer until it has been primed for its first use
as set forth below.
Priming Your Brewer
1. Unwrap cord and plug the Brewer into a
grounded outlet.
2. Place a 12 oz. mug on the Drip Tray Plate.
3. Remove the Water Reservoir from Brewer
by first removing Lid from Reservoir, then
lifting Reservoir straight up and toward front
of Brewer. Rinse with fresh water.
4. Fill Water Reservoir with bottled or filtered
water so that the water level is just below
the top edge of the reservoir.
5. Place Water Reservoir into the left side of
the Brewer and be sure the Water
Reservoir Lock Tab engages with the
Brewer. Replace Lid on Water Reservoir.
6. Press and release the Power Switch found
directly behind the Brewer. Switch is spring
loaded and will return to original position.
7. The Blue LCD Control Center will come on
and indicate ‘PRIME’ and the ‘BREW’
Button will flash. Please note, a K-Cup
should NOT be used for the Priming
8. Press the ‘BREW’ Button.
9. The Brewer will automatically fill with water
(priming it) and then the water will be
heated. This will take about 4 minutes.
During the heating period ‘NOT READY’ is
displayed on the LCD Control Center. Once
the water is heated, ‘READY TO BREW’ will
be displayed and the ‘BREW’ Button will flash.
10. Press the ‘BREW’ Button to start a cleans-
ing brew, during which hot water will flow
into your mug. When the flow stops, dis-
card the hot water.
11. The one-time priming process is now
complete and you are ready to brew your
first cup!
You may see small amounts of water
coming from the Vent and dripping into the
Water Reservoir during this and subsequent
heating – this is normal.
If the Water Reservoir is empty or
not in place on the Brewer, then the LCD
Control Center will indicate ‘ADD WATER’ and
tank LED’s will flash. None of the Buttons will
be active until water is added to the Water
If Brewer has been exposed to tempera-
tures below freezing, allow Brewer at least two
hours to reach room temperature before prim-
ing. A frozen or extremely cold Brewer will not
prime properly and can cause damage.
The Brewer may take 15-30 seconds
to reheat water between brews and then
‘READY TO BREW’ will be displayed.
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