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4. Programming Brew Temperature
(187° - 192º F)
The Brewer brews coffee at a preset tempera-
ture of 192°. You can adjust this temperature
down by 5° if you prefer a cooler cup of
coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Simply follow the
instructions below.
a. Press the Menu Button on the LCD Control
Center five times to program the Brew
Temperature feature.
b. The LCD Control Center will now display
the programming options with a small
arrow next to ‘SET BREW TEMP’. Also, the
temperature 192° (initial setting) will be
displayed at the top of the LCD Control
Center to indicate the current temperature
c. A minus sign will appear over the ‘LEFT’
Button and/or a plus sign over the ‘RIGHT’
Button. Use these Buttons to raise or lower
the temperature one degree at a time.
d. Once you have reached your desired brew
temperature, press the MENU Button twice
to exit the programming mode. ‘BREW
TEMP SET’ will be displayed in the LCD
Control Center if you have changed it
from 192°.
e. To change the brew temperature again,
repeat steps a through c to change the
temperature up and/or down, remembering
that the temperature can only be between
187° and 192°.
5. Programming Your Brew Size
The Brewer is preset with the small mug (7.25
oz.) as the default brew size. The default brew
size allows the user to avoid scrolling through
brew sizes if a particular size is chosen most
To change the default brew size to your
desired brew size:
a. Press ‘MENU’ six times.
b. Using ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ Buttons, select
your desired default brew size.
c. Once the desired default brew size is
selected press ‘MENU’ once to exit. The
LCD will display the brew size set.
The AUTO OFF Timer and the AUTO
ON/OFF Time programming options operate
independently, but can also be programmed
to work together. For example, you can set
the AUTO ON Time function to turn on at
7:00 AM and then set the AUTO OFF Timer
function to turn off the Brewer two hours
after the last brew.
At high altitudes (over 5,000 feet) if
boiling occurs use the temperature adjust-
ment (+0 and -5 degrees) to lower the
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