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You can tune in to both conventional and HD Radio broadcasts.
• To find HD Radio stations in your area, visit <http://www.hdradio.com>.
Search for a station or channel
1 Press L SRC to select HD RADIO.
2 Press repeatedly (or press
AM– / #FM+ on RC-406) to select
FM1/ FM2/ FM3/ AM.
3 Press 4 / ¢ (or press 4 / ¢ (+) on RC-406) to search for a
station or channel.
To store a station or channel: Press and hold one of the number
buttons (1 to 6).
To select a stored station or channel: Press one of the number
buttons (1 to 6) (or press one of the number buttons (1 to 6) on
To select an HD Radio multicast channel
Many HD Radio stations offer more than one channel programming.
This service is called multicasting. While receiving HD Radio multicast
Press 4 / ¢ to select your desired channel (HD1 to HD8).
“LINKING” appears while linking to a multicast channel.
Direct Access Tuning (using RC-406)
1 Press
AM– / #FM+ to select a band.
2 Press DIRECT to enter Direct Access Tuning.
“– – – • –” (for FM), “– – – –” (for AM) or “HD –” appears on the display.
3 Press the number buttons to enter a frequency or channel.
4 Press 4 / ¢ (+) to search for a frequency or channel.
• To cancel, press
• If no operation is done for 10 seconds after step 3, Direct Access Tuning
is automatically canceled.
Other settings
1 Press the volume knob to enter
2 Turn the volume knob to select
, then press the knob.
3 Turn the volume knob to make a selection (see the following table), then press the
4 Press and hold to exit.
IF BAND AUTO: Increases the tuner selectivity to reduce interference noises from adjacent stations.
(Stereo effect may be lost.) ; WIDE: Subjects to interference noises from adjacent stations,
but sound quality will not be degraded and the stereo effect will remain.
Selects the tuning method for the
AUTO1: Automatically searches for a station. ; AUTO2: Searches for a preset station. ;
MANUAL: Manually search for a station.
YES: Automatically starts memorizing 6 stations with good reception. ; NO: Cancels.
(Selectable only if [NORMAL] / [NORM] is selected for [PRESET TYPE].) (
Sets the receive mode of the HD Radio receiver.
AUTO : Automatically tunes to analog broadcast when there is no digital broadcast. ;
DIGITAL: Tunes in to digital broadcast only. ; ANALOG: Tunes in to analog broadcast only.
Displays the tag memory usage of the HD Radio receiver.
00 — 50: Up to 50 tags can be registered to this unit.
TIME SYNC ON: Synchronizes the unit’s time to the Radio Broadcast Data System station time. ;
OFF: Cancels.
Tag and purchase your favorite songs from iTunes Store
Some HD Radio broadcasts provide Program Service Data (PSD) for songs. You can tag the
song and store its PSD up to 50 songs while listening to the song.
• By using the tagging function, you can easily purchase the songs from iTunes Store.
• For the best compatibility of iTunes Tagging, use the latest software versions with the iPod/
iPhone that can be connected to this unit.
Tag the song
While receiving a song with PSD (“TAG” lights up)...
Press and hold
“TAG STORED” \ “MEMORY XX/50”/ “MEM XX/50” appears when the song is stored on the
• When pressing and holding
within 10 seconds before or after the PSD changes, the tags
for two songs are stored.
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