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of 40
• The unit can only be used with a 12 V DC power supply, negative
• Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal before wiring and
• Do not connect Battery wire (yellow) and Ignition wire (red) to the car
chassis or Ground wire (black) to prevent a short circuit.
• Insulate unconnected wires with vinyl tape to prevent a short circuit.
• Be sure to ground this unit to the car’s chassis again after installation.
• For safety’s sake, leave wiring and mounting to professionals. Consult
the car audio dealer.
• Install this unit in the console of your vehicle. Do not touch the metal
parts of this unit during and shortly after use of the unit. Metal parts
such as the heat sink and enclosure become hot.
• Do not connect the
wires of speaker to the car chassis, Ground wire
(black), or in parallel.
Mount the unit with the angle of 30º or less.
• If your vehicle wiring harness does not have the ignition terminal,
connect Ignition wire (red) to the terminal on the vehicle’s fuse box
which provides 12 V DC power supply and is turned on and off by the
ignition key.
• After the unit is installed, check whether the brake lamps, blinkers,
wipers, etc. on the car are working properly.
• If the fuse blows, first make sure the wires are not touching car’s
chassis, then replace the old fuse with one that has the same rating.
Basic procedure
1 Remove the key from the ignition switch, then
disconnect the · terminal of the car battery.
2 Connect the wires properly.
See Wiring connection.
3 Install the unit to your car.
See Installing the unit (in-dash mounting).
4 Connect the · terminal of the car battery.
5 Reset the unit.
How to remove the unit
1 Detach the faceplate.
2 Fit the catch pin on the extraction
keys into the holes on both sides of
the trim plate, then pull it out.
3 Insert the extraction keys deeply into
the slots on each side, then follow
the arrows as shown on the right.
Installating the unit (in-dash mounting)
When installing without the mounting sleeve
Remove the mounting sleeve and trim plate from
the unit.
2 Align the holes in the unit (on both sides) with the
vehicle mounting bracket and secure the unit with
the supplied screws.
Do the required
wiring. (
Dashboard of
your car
Hook on the top side
Bend the appropriate tabs to hold
the mounting sleeve firmly in place.
Orientate the trim plate as
illustrated before fitting.
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