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Symptom Remedy
Sound cannot be heard. • Adjust the volume to the optimum level.
• Check the cords and connections.
“PROTECT” appears and no
operations can be done.
Check to be sure the terminals of the speaker wires are
insulated properly, then reset the unit. If this does not solve the
problem, consult your nearest service center.
• Sound cannot be heard.
• The unit does not turn on.
• Information shown on the
display is incorrect.
Clean the connectors. (
The unit does not work at all.
Reset the unit. (
• Radio reception is poor.
• Static noise while listening to
the radio.
• Connect the antenna firmly.
• Pull the antenna out all the way.
“MEMORY FULL” appears. The tag memory of HD Radio receiver is full.
“NO TAG FNC” appears. The connected iPod does not support iTunes tagging function.
“TAG ERROR” appears. The unit is unable to complete transferring the tagged
information to the iPod.
“NA FILE” appears.
Make sure the device contains supported audio files. (
“NO DISC” appears. Insert a playable disc into the loading slot.
“TOC ERROR” appears. Make sure the disc is clean and inserted properly.
Reset the unit. If this does not solve the problem, consult your
nearest service center.
Disc cannot be ejected. Press and hold
to forcibly eject the disc. Be careful not
to drop the disc when it is ejected. If this does not solve the
problem, reset the unit. (
“READ ERROR” appears. Copy the files and folders onto the USB device again. If this does
not solve the problem, reset the USB device or use another USB
“NO DEVICE” appears. Connect a USB device, and change the source to USB again.
Symptom Remedy
“COPY PRO” appears. A copy-protected file is played.
“NO MUSIC” appears. Connect a USB device that contains playable audio files.
“NA DEVICE” appears. Connect a supported USB device, and check the connections.
“USB ERROR” appears. • Remove the USB device, turn the unit off, then turn it on
• Try to connect another USB device.
“iPod ERROR” appears. • Reconnect the iPod.
• Reset the iPod.
Noise is generated. Skip to another track or change the disc.
Tracks do not play back as you
have intended them to play.
Playback order is determined when files are recorded.
“READING” keeps flashing. Do not use too many hierarchical levels or folders.
Elapsed playing time is not correct.
This is caused by how the tracks are recorded.
The number of songs contained in
the “SONGS” category of this unit
is different from the iPod/iPhone.
Podcast files are not counted on this unit as this unit does
not support the playback of podcast files.
Correct characters are not
displayed (e.g. album name).
This unit can only display uppercase letters, numbers, and a
limited number of symbols.
New station creation is unsuccessful.
Check the Pandora application on your device.
“NO SKIPS” The skip limit has been reached.
“NO STATIONS” No station is found.
The number of registered stations has reached it’s limit.
Retry after deleting an unnecessary station on your device.
“UPGRADE APP” Make sure you have installed the latest version of the
Pandora application on your device.
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