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Universal Audio/Video Player
New model information
Denon 3D Universal disc player
with versatile media and streaming service supports
Denon’s 3D ‘Universal’ disc playback technology provides playback of virtually all popular disc formats,
including high definition Blu-ray discs, as well as DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD high resolu-
tion stereo and multi-channel music format discs, along with DVD-Video and music CD playback. The
DBT-1713UD also supports playback of your locally stored music, photo and video content via network (DLNA
1.5) and USB, as well as versatile online video streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, and
VUDU, all with Denon superb audio and video technology.
New Features
• Design Matching to the new Denon A/V Receivers
• Wide variety of video streaming, movies, videos, TV shows
(YouTube, Netix, VUDU, Hulu Plus)
• Quick response for disc loading and playback
(20% faster than current model)
• Quick Start mode, enables fast access to play
• New servo circuit, to reduce moving noise of pickup mechanism
• HDMI cable included (HIGH SPEED HDMI
*Netix is available in certain countries. Unlimited membership required. More information at www.netix.com.
Denon Technologies for superior sound and picture quality
• Universal Disc Playability
(Blu-ray, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD, CD)
• DLNA 1.5 Support and front USB port
for music, photo, video contents playback
• 1080p/24 video output, to bring out the full quality of lm
• HDMI source direct mode to output native resolution of the disc
• Picture adjustments
• Playing high-quality audio, using by pure direct function
Build Quality
• Fully Shielded Mechanism, suppress internal and external vibrations and
electromagnetic noises for high precision disc playability at all times
• Separated 4-block construction for faithful playback of audio and video
signals (Disc mechanism, Video/Audio, Power supply, and Indicator block)
• Fan-less construction for noise reduction
• Solid cabinet and large foot
Ease of Use
• Easy-to-use Multi language GUI and CD-ROM interactive manual
• User-friendly GUI
• Easy-to-use remote control handset
-Glow-key for cursor keys and operation keys
-Direct access for online video services
-Remote Control also controls Denon AV receiver for convenience
• New “Denon Remote App” control
via 2012 new Denon networking A/V Receivers
• One stereo channel (2ch) output for Multi-zone
• Eco Stand-by mode, lower power consumption (0.3W)
• Detachable AC cord
*1) The DBT-1713UD has remote control functionality by using the new “Denon Remote App” together
with Denon new A/V Receiver such as AVR-1713.